Earn more for you and your clients

LendingHome’s Broker Program is built to be a partnership where we both win together. With competitive pricing, monthly payments per performing loan, volume-based bonuses, and competitive rates for your clients, you’ll have everything you need to earn more in less time.

Become a Broker Become a Broker
Technology meets transparency
Your personalized broker dashboard allows you to manage all your clients’ loans in one place. It’s easy to upload documents and track a loan’s progress—we’ll even send you alerts of major milestones throughout the process. Need more? No problem. You’ll have a dedicated experience manager by your side to make sure both you and your clients are set up for success.
Our terms make flipping a house an attainable goal for your clients
Up to 90% of the purchase price funded at close
Up to 100% rehab costs funded
Up to $2 million dollar line of credit for experienced borrowers1
Interest rates as low as 6.95% with rehab2
No external valuation report pre-close for borrowers
New investor financing up to 85% of purchase w/ 100% rehab financing
1Maximum borrower amount is $2 million.
2Interest rates as low as 6.95% for borrowers with a 720+ FICO score and a property in CA.
Benefits custom-crafted for brokers
Price a loan in minutes
Don’t waste time waiting around for answers—get pre-qualification and pricing for your clients in just a few minutes. You’ll know right away whether or not we can do the deal.
Close quickly
We understand what speed means to both you and your customers. With deals closing in 5-15 days, we mean business.
Reliable capital with deep pockets
You’ll never have to wonder whether or not financing is available when you use LendingHome. We have extensive capital already committed from our investors, ensuring that we will always be ready for your clients’ projects.
National coverage
We currently offer bridge loans in 27 states across the country—and rising. If you are looking to expand your business into new areas where deals are emerging, partnering with LendingHome makes it easy.
Competitive pricing
Our pricing is designed to meet your borrowers’ needs. Rates start at 6.95% and typically range from 9 to 12%. We offer up to 90% of the total cost of the home’s purchase and 100% of rehab costs.
Broker protection
In the event your borrower contacts LendingHome directly, we will notify you to let you know. This will enable you to get in touch with your client. If they would like to work directly with LendingHome, we will share revenue of every loan your borrower originates with us for the first year.
Performance-based monthly incentives
You will be eligible for a performance-based bonus. We will pay you a percentage of the monthly payment for each performing loan originated through LendingHome.
Volume-based bonuses
For every $5 million worth of loans that pay off, we will write you an additional check for $2,000.2
Low lender origination
Low LendingHome upfront origination enables you as a broker to make the most with LendingHome.
Broker terms
Our low prices in the market give you room to make more. Take up to 4.5 points per loan on any deal you originate with us.3
2Bonus eligibility is contingent upon a less than 5% delinquency rate on a broker’s current portfolio and a lifetime portfolio REO rate of under 3%.
3Subject to state specific maximums.

Affiliate Broker Program FAQ

Do you lend to new borrowers?

Yes, we lend to borrowers with all types of flipping experience.

What are the borrowers’ leverage for purchase based off of?

The rates and eligibility of a borrower for our loan programs are based off of the borrowers’ experience in executing flips, specifically the amount they have acquired, rehabbed, and sold within the past 24 months.

What are the total ARV LTV limits for borrowers, and what are they based off of?

Our programs for ARV LTV are based off of borrowers’: 1) experience 2) rehab holdback request.

How is rehab disbursed?

Rehab funds are disbursed through reimbursement. The dollar amount of the rehab requested is funded into an escrow account at loan origination and the funds are disbursed through a draw administration process when the borrower has demonstrated the work has been completed.

What does the $350 application fee cover, and why are my borrowers required to pay it?

The application fee covers processing costs associated with the application and a third party valuation report, a Desktop Quantitative Appraisal.

What is the typical turn around time on a deal from when it is submitted to when it funds?

Borrowers with more than five flips in the past two years: When underwriting conditions are met, our loan program enables these experienced borrowers to close their loan in as few as five business days.

Borrowers who have less than five flips in the past two years: When underwriting conditions are met, our loan program enables these borrowers to close their loan between 15 business days.

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