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How It Works


About Us

LendingHome is reimagining the mortgage process from the ground up by combining innovative technology with an experienced team. Our goal is to create a seamless, transparent process for homebuyers, real estate professionals, and investors.

Our Manifesto

We all dream of owning a home, but there’s something giving many of us pause—the thought of going through the obstacle course of getting a mortgage. It’s much harder than it should be to get a “home, sweet home” of our own. Why? Because the current process thrives on chaos and confusion. So much so that it leaves homebuyers overwhelmed and stressed out.

Should it really be this difficult to put a roof over your head? A roof that you own? No. And that’s why we’re here. We’re out to simplify the complex world of mortgages.

We know this is the moment you’ve been saving for. And we know buying a home is much more than a decision you live with—it’s a decision you live in. The path to homeownership is a big deal. So let’s fill it with clarity. With candor. And, in the process, let’s fill you with confidence. Let’s give you some control.

We have the expertise and online tools homebuyers need to put them on a path that seamlessly takes them from pre-approval to contract to closing. All with the straightforward information and honest guidance they need to feel involved and empowered along the way.

We’re LendingHome. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the world of mortgages and put the power, and the keys, where they belong—in your hands.

Congrats. You’re Home.


LendingHome has been fortunate to attract some of the best entrepreneurial minds on the planet.


Matt Humphrey Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Matt started LendingHome in 2013 with the goal of building the best way to get a mortgage. Since then, he's worked hard to combine the best people and technology to completely reimagine the mortgage process. Matt is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 startups, including an e-commerce platform called HomeRun that achieved a $100M+ acquisition less than 18 months after launch. Matt was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where he received a BS in CS and MBA from Carnegie Mellon after matriculating at age 13. While Matt still rents his place in San Francisco, he is excited that when the time is right he can now go through the entire home financing process online in a simple, fast, reliable way!


Manvinder Saraon Chief Marketing Officer

Manvinder heads marketing to drive growth and help LendingHome become a leading financial services brand. He also influences the product and customer experience by developing a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. He has more than 15 years of marketing leadership experience across multiple industries, including Entrepreneur in Residence at Maveron advising portfolio companies on growth, the first Chief Marketing Officer at Kabam, and Head of Marketing of major product lines at Intuit. Manvinder remembers having to sign a stack of unfamiliar, jargon-laden documents when buying his own first home and aims to improve this experience for LendingHome’s customers.


Bob Olson Chief Customer Officer

Bob leads the teams who are responsible for ensuring that every customer who comes to LendingHome for a mortgage has an outstanding experience. Bob thinks that getting a mortgage should be part of the excitement of homebuying and believes that LendingHome can create that experience for its borrowers. He previously served as the Chief Customer Officer at both GoDaddy and IO, where he led global sales, marketing and human resources teams to drive customer-centric growth.


Adil Ajmal Chief Technology Officer

Adil runs Technology, Product, the Investor Platform, and Consumer Mortgage Lending. He is especially enthusiastic about innovating in a space that was overdue. Previously, Adil was the CTO / VP Engineering at TenMarks Education, an Amazon Company, where he built the entire technology and product organization. He was also VP of Engineering at Posterous, scaling the company leading to its acquisition by Twitter, and held leadership positions at Intuit, United Online (PhotoSite), Homestead, and Razorfish. On the afternoon that Adil was supposed to move into his first home, his closing was delayed and he couldn’t move in for three days—an experience he is working to ensure LendingHome’s customers never have to go through.


Cynthia Chen Chief Risk Officer

Cynthia assesses and mitigates significant risks across LendingHome. She is passionate about using big data and cutting edge models to automate the underwriting process and deliver fast credit decisions to customers. Previously, she was VP, Head of Risk Management at OnDeck Capital, where she developed the entire risk organization and provided risk leadership during the company's first securitization transaction, Series E financing and IPO. She has also held roles at Capital One and Deloitte. When Cynthia was refinancing her home, her mortgage originator failed to honor the rate lock at the last minute, making her realize the mortgage process was ready for an evolution.


Chaomei Chen Corporate Risk Advisor

Chaomei served as LendingClub’s Chief Risk Officer from 2011 to 2015, leading their risk management function. She has also held roles as the Chief Credit Officer at Providian Financial Services and Fleet Credit Card Services. Chaomei has managed more than 2,500 staff and a risk portfolio valued at more than $20 billion. She brings over twenty years of experience in risk management and risk operations to her role as LendingHome’s Corporate Risk Advisor.


Katie Eichten General Manager, Consumer Mortgage Lending

Katie makes sure all borrowers love the experience they have when they apply for a mortgage with LendingHome. ​This is Katie’s fourth mortgage startup. She has run Capital Markets, Operations and Compliance, and loves to help build businesses. But throughout her many years in the mortgage business, no firm has ever built the right tech solution to create a better experience for homebuyers. ​The last two times Katie refinanced her house​, it took 70-75 days despite her deep knowledge of the process. That made her realize how tricky it could be for a first-time homebuyer who has never been through the experience before.


Rick Bachman VP Compliance

Rick works across LendingHome to design policies, processes and systems that ensure customers can rely on LendingHome to provide them with loans that meet state and federal requirements. LendingHome provides Rick with the opportunity to build a compliance program from the ground up using his 20 years of industry experience, which includes senior compliance roles at Wells Fargo and Bank of the West. When Rick bought his first home, he learned the importance of knowing how to do work on a house, from laying tile to fixing a flooded basement. Creating a safe environment for his family has always been his top priority.


Paul Stockamore VP Capital Markets

Paul works closely with LendingHome’s investors, providing them with quality investment opportunities and attractive yields. He helps to guarantee that there is always funding available for LendingHome’s borrowers. Before LendingHome, Paul was a Senior Vice President at Fortress Investment Group, where he was responsible for investments in mortgage servicing rights and distressed residential whole loans. He was also a Vice President at Nomura Securities, where was responsible for structuring and trading commercial mortgage-backed securities.


Feng Wang VP Capital Markets

Feng ensures that LendingHome delivers quality assets to its investors and making sure that LendingHome always has capital to continue funding its borrowers. Feng was one of the earliest people at LendingHome and was instrumental in the development of the firm’s initial loan products and investor partnerships. Previously, he was VP of Mortgage Trading and Investments at Cerberus Capital, where he engaged in MBS securities trading, portfolio hedging, and risk reporting. Before Cerberus, Feng worked at BlackRock. He hasn’t bought his first house yet, but is excited to use LendingHome’s platform when he does.


Ray Williamson VP Mortgage Operations

Ray and his team work to get a loan to close on time by valuing, processing, underwriting, and closing. He is able to see firsthand how LendingHome’s commitment to using technology will improve a homebuyer’s experience. Ray has been in the mortgage and financial services industry for more than 25 years in both sales and operations roles. When Ray bought his first home in San Diego, his parents and in-laws helped with the down payment, allowing him to enter the world of homeownership. Although their help was structured as a gift, he and his wife paid the full amount back over four years.


Karry Bryan VP Controller

As Controller of LendingHome, Karry oversees the financial management, including accounting, tax, and fund accounting. Prior to LendingHome, Karry was the Controller for Lending Club, a marketplace for peer-to-peer loans. Karry started with Lending Club when there were only about 40 employees and she left when there were over 1,000. Before joining Lending Club, Karry held a variety of financial positions at various financial institutions including Bank of Marin, Tamalpais Bank and Charles Schwab. She started her career with PwC as a senior auditor. Karry’s favorite TV shows are both real estate-related: House Hunters and Fixer Upper.


Joshua Stech VP Business Development

Josh works across teams to reduce costs and remove friction for customers during the mortgage process. He believes that LendingHome can finance the revitalization of communities, offer individual investors a turnkey way to generate returns, and facilitate the most important purchase most American families make. Josh previously co-founded Purpose Built Investments (PBI), a boutique real estate private equity firm. Over the course of more than 900 transactions, he acquired deep knowledge of residential real estate equity and debt investing. Josh originally intended to renovate and flip the home that became his first, but when he saw how perfect the huge backyard would be for his dog, he decided to move in.

Board of Directors


Charles Moldow Foundation Capital

Charles joined Foundation Capital in 2005. Before coming to Foundation Capital, he was part of two teams that successfully built companies from early start-ups through greater than $100 million in sales and exits near or above $1 billion. Charles has made fourteen successful investments since joining Foundation, of which two, LendingClub and On Deck Capital, have IPOs. They also include PowerSet (acquired by Microsoft); Xoopit (acquired by Yahoo!); Adwhirl (acquired by Google); Weblistic (acquired by Spot Runner). Charles works closely with his current portfolio, which includes AdRoll, auxmoney, BTCJam, DogVacay, Finxera, LendingHome, Motif Investing, and Refresh.


Meyer Malka Ribbit Capital

Meyer “Micky” Malka is the founder of Ribbit Capital. After two decades as an investor and serial entrepreneur—he started Heptagon Group, a broker / dealer at the age of 19—Micky intends to use Ribbit as an agent for change in the ossified and slow-to-change financial services category. The combination of Micky’s deep understanding of the financial services sector, the technologies that drive it, and the access to capital that Ribbit offers are providing global entrepreneurs with the access and know-how required to create the transformative businesses of the future.


Joseph Chen Renren, Inc.

Joseph Chen is the founder of Renren, Inc. Mr. Chen has served as the Chairman of the Renren Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company since inception. Mr. Chen is a pioneer of China’s internet industry. Before founding the company, Mr. Chen was the Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of, a first-generation SNS in China and one of China’s most visited websites in 1999. He served as Senior Vice President of after was acquired by Sohu in 2000. Mr. Chen holds a BA in Physics from the University of Delaware, a Master’s degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Stanford University.


James Herbert Co-founder

LendingHome is James’ third real estate start-up. He founded a residential real estate private equity fund and Colony American Homes. James was previously a VP at Colony Capital and VP in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley. He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from Stanford University.



We’ve combined an all-star team with groundbreaking technology to reimagine the world’s largest debt market. Come help us revolutionize the world of mortgages.