About us

LendingHome is reimagining the mortgage process from the ground up by combining innovative technology with an experienced team. Our goal is to create a seamless, transparent process that transforms the mortgage process from end to end.


LendingHome has been fortunate to attract some of the best entrepreneurial minds on the planet.


Matt Humphrey

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Matt started LendingHome in 2013 with the goal of building the best way to get a mortgage. Since then, he's worked hard to combine the best people and technology to completely reimagine the mortgage process from end-to-end. Matt is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 startups, including an e-commerce platform called HomeRun that was acquired for over $100M+ less than 18 months after launch. Matt was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where he received a BS in CS and MBA from Carnegie Mellon after matriculating at age 13. While Matt still rents his place in San Francisco, he is excited that, when the time is right, he can now go through the entire home financing process online in a simple, fast, reliable way!


Michael Bourque

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Michael works to keep LendingHome’s financial and business operations in top working order, bringing nearly 20 years of executive experience to the table. At General Electric, Michael served in various leadership positions in finance, audit, and financial planning roles, spanning various industrial manufacturing and financial services businesses. Prior to LendingHome he served as the CFO of publicly traded mortgage servicer Ocwen Financial Corporation, an organization of 10,000+ employees when he was there. While professionally he knows mortgages like the back of his hand, he has had his fair share of up and downs through his personal journey of financing 7 different homes, and understands from every angle that this is an industry that is ripe for disruption.


Rani Hublou

Chief Marketing Officer

Rani (pronounced rainey) is a Silicon Valley native, Stanford BS and MS in Engineering, with strong experience as founder, early employee, and senior executive who has scaled B2B SaaS businesses from $0 to more than $1Billion in revenue. Rani’s go to market expertise was garnered from years as CMO for both public and venture-backed services businesses, as well as G100 Consulting with McKinsey & Co and Accenture. She leverages her experience by serving on public, private, and non-profit boards. In the last 10 years, Rani has bought and sold 3 investment properties - and now with LendingHome, is excited to help other investors borrow in an easier, faster, more reliable way!


Jason Fischl

SVP Engineering

Jason is responsible for engineering, data, devops, and quality engineering at LendingHome. Most recently, Jason was the VP of Engineering at Smyte (acquired by Twitter in 2018). Before that, Jason led the engineering team at Remind, scaling the team from 6 to over 40 engineers while the user base grew to more than 20M monthly active users. Previously, he led the Core Web Services infrastructure team at Skype. He has worked as a co-founder at numerous startups and was one of the founders of the reSIProcate open source SIP stack. Jason has been through the mortgage and refinancing process a few times and knows the pain of the way things are done today. He is super excited to be helping to revolutionize the mortgage business.


Pat McLuckie

SVP of Customer Experience

Pat leads the Mortgage Operations and Mortgage Servicing teams at LendingHome. He has 33 years of experience in the mortgage industry and has led mortgage operations and sales units at two prior mortgage start ups, as well as a top 10 national mortgage originator. Pat has focused on mortgage automation and process improvement throughout his career and continues this quest to help launch next generation's mortgage technology at LendingHome.


Arvind Mohan

SVP of Capital Markets

Arvind heads the Capital Markets team at LendingHome and interfaces with our loan capital partners. He helps secure funding for our loans, enabling LendingHome to recycle capital at cost effective rates back to our borrowers. He has over 12 years of experience in mortgage credit and investment banking. Prior to joining LendingHome, Arvind was a Director in the fixed income division at Barclays. He holds a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Arvind recently purchased his first investment property (a small fixer-upper) and learned first-hand the difficulties faced by borrowers. At LendingHome, he is excited to combine his background and experience to help scale our mortgage platform to serve the needs of home buyers.


Ora Levit

VP of Product

Ora empowers the Product and Design teams at LendingHome. Previously, she was at Amazon, where she spent four years leading various products in the Audible and Kindle ecosystems. Prior to Amazon, Ora worked for several large scale companies including Apple and Intel, as well as ClickTale, a fast growing web analytics start-up, where she provided consulting services on product management, strategy, and website optimization to executive leadership teams of Fortune 100 companies. Ora started her career in the Israeli Intelligence Force where she served three years. She holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Information Systems from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. With both parents hailing from the real estate and infrastructure industries, Ora has a deep passion for real estate. That passion even led her in the past to Montenegro, doing consulting for a luxury real estate development project by the Adriatic sea.


Stephanie Casper

VP of Sales

Stephanie leads the Sales team at LendingHome. She has been a lender to residential investors since 2015 when she joined CoreVest Finance as Head of Bridge Lending. In that role, Stephanie worked directly with customers to develop additional loan products to meet the changing needs of the residential investor. Prior roles include operational, marketing, and sales management positions at GE, Marriott International, and Green Street Advisors. She has a B.S. from The Hotel School at Cornell University, and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. Stephanie is a fellow investor in the SFR space with a small portfolio of rentals. She caught the residential investment bug from watching her grandfather pick up investment properties over his lifetime, and plans to continue to follow in his footsteps.


Nora Gibson

VP of Legal

Nora heads the Legal and Compliance team at LendingHome overseeing all of LendingHome’s legal affairs. She has over 25 years in private practice, previously serving as lead counsel to the underwriters in many of Silicon Valley’s most prominent IPOs. Prior to joining LendingHome, Nora was a partner at Perkins Coie focusing on corporate governance and capital markets transactions. After financing and refinancing 4 homes in California and New York, Nora knows that even being a lawyer does not make the mortgage process any easier. At LendingHome, Nora is excited to use her legal skills to help reimagine the mortgage process.


Richard Arts

VP of People

Richard leads the Employee Success teams including Talent Acquisition, People Operations, and Employee Experience to ensure that LendingHome is an employer of choice and an environment where employees can thrive, build careers, and do amazing work. Prior to LendingHome, he was a management consultant at Korn Ferry in Amsterdam and San Francisco, advising Fortune500 and small and medium enterprises on HR strategy, compensation, and learning and development. He holds a MS in Organizational Psychology from Utrecht University. When he moved from the Netherlands to the U.S. in 2014, and purchased his first home, he first-hand experienced the challenges of the mortgage process. He appreciates LendingHome's mission and works to see that the company’s values and purpose carry throughout the company and on to the customers.


Our advisors help us make LendingHome better by providing their deep expertise on areas from Risk to Capital Markets.


Chaomei Chen

Risk Advisor

Chaomei joined LendingHome in early 2016 as Interim CRO and continues her mentorship as the company's Chief Risk Advisor to help build a best in class culture of corporate risk management. She served as LendingClub’s Chief Risk Officer from 2011 to 2015, leading their risk management function. She has also held roles as the Chief Credit Officer at Providian Financial Services and Fleet Credit Card Services. Chaomei has managed more than 2,500 staff and a risk portfolio valued at more than $20 billion. She brings over twenty years of experience in risk management and risk operations to her role as LendingHome’s Corporate Risk Advisor.


Scott Bommer

Capital Advisor

Scott fueled LendingHome's early growth with the platform's initial equity and debt investments and has been hugely instrumental as a Capital Markets Advisor ever since. Most recently, he was the Founder and President of SAB Capital Management, LP. Prior to SAB, he worked as a Portfolio Manager at Siegler, Collery & Co., and in the early days of his career he was an Associate at McKinsey & Company, and an Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Scott is the Director of Robin Hood Foundation and Arden Holdings Limited.


Bill Trenchard

Founding Advisor

Bill has been a Founding Advisor to LendingHome since day zero when a series of conversations about alternative mortgage with Matt and James sparked the company's creation. Before joining First Round Capital in 2012, Bill led LiveOps to $100 million in sales and hundreds of employees as the industry’s leading cloud contact center. He also founded Jump Networks, a leading web calendar and personal organizer acquired by Microsoft. Bill has made investments in category killing companies including Uber, IronPort (acquired by Cisco), Adroll, PowerSet (acquired by Microsoft), Lending Club, HomeRun (acquired by Rearden Commerce), Tapulous (acquired by Disney), Slide (acquired by Google), and Chegg. At First Round, he has led investments in companies including Looker, Flexport, LendingHome, Bright and buddy build.


Our directors continue to help us push the envelope and think big.


James Herbert


LendingHome is James’ third real estate start-up. He founded a residential real estate private equity fund and Colony American Homes. James was previously a VP at Colony Capital and VP in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley. He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from Stanford University.


Charles Moldow

Foundation Capital

Charles led the Series-A round of financing that launched LendingHome and has leveraged his deep expertise in marketplace lending to help the company every step of the way. He joined Foundation Capital in 2005 and, prior to that, he was part of two teams that successfully built companies from early start-ups through greater than $100 million in sales and exits near or above $1 billion. Charles has made fourteen successful investments since joining Foundation, of which two, LendingClub and On Deck Capital, have IPOs. They also include PowerSet (acquired by Microsoft); Xoopit (acquired by Yahoo!); Adwhirl (acquired by Google); Weblistic (acquired by Spot Runner). Charles works closely with his current portfolio, which includes AdRoll, auxmoney, BTCJam, DogVacay, Finxera, LendingHome, Motif Investing, and Refresh.


Meyer Malka

Ribbit Capital

Meyer “Micky” Malka led the Series-B round of financing that took LendingHome to the next level. As a critical member of the board he enhances the company's focus on culture, customer, infrastructure, and brand to ensure LendingHome is really building something special. He is the founder of Ribbit Capital and has been an investor and serial entrepreneur for two decades, starting the Heptagon Group at the age of 19. Micky intends to use Ribbit as an agent for change in the ossified and slow-to-change financial services category. The combination of Micky’s deep understanding of the financial services sector, the technologies that drive it, and the access to capital that Ribbit offers are providing global entrepreneurs with the access and know-how required to create the transformative businesses of the future.


Joseph Chen

Renren, Inc.

Joe led the Series-C round of financing that propelled LendingHome forward as one of the leading online lenders in the world and shapes the company's strategy around growth and scale. He is the founder of Renren and has also served as the Chairman of the Renren Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company since inception. Prior to founding Renren, Joe was the Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of ChinaRen.com, a first-generation SNS in China and one of China’s most visited websites in 1999. He served as Senior Vice President of Sohu.com after ChinaRen.com was acquired by Sohu in 2000. Mr. Chen holds a BA in Physics from the University of Delaware, a Master’s degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Stanford University.


Lev Khasis


Lev joined the LendingHome Board in early 2017 to further bolster the company's financial, operational, and strategic excellence. The scale and scope of his past roles and accomplishments make him a unique asset and mentor to the company's entire leadership team. Currently Lev serves as the COO of Sberbank, the largest and most transformed financial group in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to Sberbank, Lev was the CLO and later the CEO of New Formats of Walmart stores in the US, and also served as Vice Chairman of the board of Jet.com in the US where he was instrumental in their acquisition by Walmart. His experience spans products, customer service, operations, digital technology, and strategy.



We’ve combined an all-star team with groundbreaking technology to reimagine the world’s largest debt market. Come help us revolutionize the world of mortgages.