Bridge Loan: Hard Loan Financing Made Simple

July 28, 2017


Simplifying Our Bridge Loan Program

We are always finding ways to better partner with you and your business - whether it’s from a service, operations, technology, or product standpoint. Today we are introducing our latest Bridge product update.

We are simplifying our experience classification, better aligning our lending criteria with your deal economics, and setting interest rates based on Loan-to-Cost.

Experience, simplified

Your number of completed flips in the past two years will determine which Bridge loan program we offer you. Each program includes varying benefits, pricing, and service commitments. We have learned that an investor’s flipping experience over the past 24 months is the best indicator of their likelihood to successfully complete their next flip.

Lending criteria that is better aligned with your deal economics

The lending criteria on your loan will now be based on cost, After Repair Value, and Return On Investment.

Interest rates based on Loan-to-Cost

Your interest rates will now be based on LTC. We expect this change to result in more predictability and higher certainty of terms upfront.

Product Overview

To make it easier to understand loan terms, we’ve created four loan programs associated with experience: Pro, Plus, Standard and Access. We believe that each program reflects the financing experience that you should expect when working with LendingHome - whether you are a first-time flipper or an experienced real estate investor.

  Pro Plus Standard Access
Experience (Exits in last 2 yrs) 10+ 4-9 1-3 None
Min. FICO 660 550 550 550
Max ARV LTV - Rehab 75% 70% 70% 70%
Max LTC - Rehab 90% 90% 85% 80%
Max AIV LTV - Non Rehab 80% 75% 75% 75%
Max LTC - Non Rehab 90% 90% 85% 80%

We are excited for this launch and believe it will present favorable terms faster, reliably, and with more transparency.

See how we simplified our Bridge Loan Program of house flipping investors and more.

Borrowers who have previously worked with LendingHome should contact their Experience Manager with any questions