LendingHome's VP of Sales, Stephanie Casper, Featured in REI INK

 The LendingHome team is full of professionals who are not only experts at their job within the organization, but who ar...

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Jenna Wohlwend 03 May 2021

LendingHome Appoints Michael Bourque as Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder Matt Humphrey Remains on LendingHome Board Bourque Brings Proven Record Leading Financial Services Companies ...

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Jenna Wohlwend 09 December 2020

LendingHome Update

At LendingHome we were stuck in a rut with one of our important operating routines, a monthly business review with our t...

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MICHAEL BOURQUE 23 October 2020

LendingHome Survey Results: Our Customers are Moving Forward

LendingHome’s mission is to be not only your trusted financing partner for all your residential real estate investments,...

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Jenna Wohlwend 23 September 2020

LendingHome Employee Highlights: Alex Session

LendingHome is proud of the culture and relationship we have built in our team. Our mission to support each other is jus...

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Jenna Wohlwend 31 August 2020

Caron Bracy’s Flipping Success Story: Mastering Balance to Gain Financial Freedom

LendingHome customer Caron Bracy learned about the real estate investing industry through friends and acquaintances when...

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Jenna Wohlwend 18 August 2020

From Flipping Appliances to Flipping Homes: How Cassidy Melhorn Turned His Talents Into a Successful Business

Cassidy Melhorn, LendingHome customer and founder of VOL Homes LLC in Tennessee, is the quintessential example of hard w...

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Jenna Quilalang 14 July 2020