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About the LendingHome Property Marketplace

We partner with you to sell your properties in need of renovation to our network of real estate investors.

From start to finish, we’re there every step of the way to give you an efficient and time saving process.

Benefits for Your Business
Access to buyers
We have built a network of prescreened and motivated buyers who are more likely to close deals consistently.
Easy process
We find you interested buyers and help facilitate the purchasing process, saving you time and effort.
Streamlined financing
LendingHome can finance qualified properties with a closing time of as few as five days.
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Property Marketplace FAQs
What states do you operate in?
We currently accept properties for sale in California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas, with more coming soon.
How do I list properties?
Simply fill out this form to become an approved real estate seller and to post a listing.
How much does it cost to list a property?
It is free to list a property and LendingHome does not apply additional fees to the seller.
Who determines the listing price?
LendingHome provides guidance to approved sellers who set an asking price that maximizes buyer interest and meets the seller’s goals.
Will you post every listing I send?
We are currently inviting off-market properties in need of renovation. Once you send your listing, LendingHome’s valuation team will ensure it meets our criteria for an investment property before posting it for sale. We will be in touch with you if we have questions about the property.
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