How it Works

We’ll keep the process simple and streamlined every step of the way.

Stable short term investments backed by real estate


Sign up and fund your account

Once you've signed up for an account, we will verify your accredited investor status. You can then connect your bank account securely and transfer funds into your investor account via ACH. Your funds will be ready to invest within two days.


Invest in mortgages

LendingHome funds mortgages for real estate professionals and makes them available to you as fractional notes, meaning you can buy a portion of the mortgage. You can either choose individual notes based on risk and return levels or let AutoInvest do the work for you by selecting a conservative, aggressive, or all-notes strategy. Put as little as $1,000 into each investment using AutoInvest or $5,000 per loan for manual accounts.


Start earning interest

Borrowers will repay the loans you're invested in on a monthly basis. You own a portion of each loan you're invested in and will receive a share of each payment. Log into your investor dashboard at any point to see how your investments are performing and get summarized statistics for your portfolio.


Receive final payment

Your loan will be fully paid back in 12 months or less. If anything goes wrong, LendingHome will take care of all servicing needs and, if needed, foreclosure—remember, your investment is backed by a real asset. Once the loan has been repaid, all funds will be returned directly into your online account where you can withdraw them or reinvest to keep earning returns!

This isn’t traditional real estate investing.

No need to invest time alongside your money.
You don't need to manage your real estate investments with LendingHome. We'll do the work for you!
No high fees.
There are none of the fees associated with traditional real estate investment.
No tying up all of your money in one investment.
Our fractional notes let you spread out your dollars across a number of investments, reducing your risk.
No wondering about the status of your investments.
Check out your online dashboard to see their performance any time you want.