Homebuying 101

Want to learn more about buying a house?

We have answers to the most frequently asked questions from homebuyers like you.

General Homebuying

Just starting out? Take a look at our general homebuying information, which walks you through how to start looking for a home to getting a real estate agent.

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Loan Types & Terms

Learn how to tell a Fixed Rate Mortgage from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and get some tips on what type of mortgage may be best for you.

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Down Payment

We’ve got you covered on down payment details, from how big your down payment needs to be to where you can get it from.

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Debt & Credit Score

Your debt and credit score will matter when you get a mortgage. Demystify your finances and how they impact your mortgage.

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Mortgage Process

We walk you through the mortgage process from start to finish, with information about pre-approvals, inspections, and more.

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Insurance & Taxes

Becoming a homeowner means thinking about homeowners’ insurance and property taxes. We break down everything you’ll need to consider.

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