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Home Buyer Reality Report

NerdWallet looked into home buying with its first report. This study analyzes each step of the mortgage process and views 3 segments: Millennials (18-34), Generation X (35-54), and Baby Boomers (over 55).

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2017 HW Tech100 Winner: LendingHome

HousingWire picked LendingHome among its Tech100 Winners. This list recognizes tech companies who serve the mortgage space. We’re honored to be in this list.

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Apis Cor 3D prints residential house

Apis Cor 3D printed a 409 square foot house in 24 hours. The 24 hours included the “self-bearing walls, partitions, and building envelope.” 3D printing large structures isn’t entirely new, but Apis Cor’s printer is different because it’s smaller than other 3D printers. The total cost of the house was $10,134, but the low price is secondary to the potential of 3D printing in construction.

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