The Best Mortgage to Meet Your Needs

March 9, 2017


A Mortgage Designed to Meet Homebuyers' Needs

Ever since LendingHome was founded in 2013, our mission has been to be the best way to get a mortgage.

Our journey began when we started providing mortgages for property investors who weren’t served by traditional banks, giving them a simple and reliable way to secure funding. We quickly became the largest mortgage marketplace lender, fueled by our rapid growth among property investors and our easy-to-use technology. Today we are excited to announce that we are launching a complete digital platform designed specifically to meet the mortgage needs of first-time homebuyers.

For many years, getting a mortgage has meant wading through a mountain of paperwork, sending off documents to lenders with no idea of where you are in the process or what your status is, and having to partake in endless back and forth with loan officers.

LendingHome’s online mortgage platform provides a carefully guided, transparent experience that never requires picking up the phone. It’s not just the old-school mortgage application retrofitted into an online form. It’s a whole new way to get a mortgage.

We’re here to put confidence in the hands of homebuyers by giving them control over the process from start to finish. Our interactive application provides tips and feedback at the exact time they’re needed and lets borrowers track their progress in real time with a personalized milestone timeline.

Homebuyers can get a rate within seconds—not days—complete an application in minutes—not weeks—and move confidently toward an on-time close. LendingHome’s online process includes the ability to:

  • Select the right loan for your needs anywhere, anytime: Borrowers can select from a range of loan products at competitive rates. Using LendingHome’s Trade Points tool, they can configure the loan that’s best for their needs without wasting time going back and forth with a loan officer.
  • Lock your rate with the click of a button: Online rate lock allows borrowers to capture available rates in real time without the worry of missing out because the market moved.
  • Get guidance right when you need it: An educational hub offers advice on complex topics like debt-to-income and loan types. Extensive in-product tips and education are available exactly at the time they’re needed to help throughout the application process. While it’s easy to complete the mortgage process online, LendingHome has personalized loan specialists available to talk to borrowers via phone or chat when needed.
  • Know what to expect and do at every step: A personalized dashboard lets borrowers know exactly what documentation they’ll need to provide, without the headache of fielding last-minute piecemeal requests via email and phone. A Milestone Tracker provides insight into every step of the process and what comes next.
  • Stay on the same page with your real estate agent: A Loan Tracker tool enables borrowers to seamlessly share the progress of their loan with their real estate agent or partner.

We’re out to revolutionize the world of mortgages, and our new mortgage platform for homebuyers takes us one big step closer.