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How to Qualify for Mortgage on Your First Try | LendingHome

For those with homeownership within their sights, there’s nothing more fun that hitting the Saturday morning open house ...

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TRACY ELSEN 25 October 2020

Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval | LendingHome

The perfect home: we’ve all got one. For some of us, it’s close to downtown with a walk-in closet. For others, it’s in t...

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TRACY ELSEN 15 June 2018

Condo vs. House: What Works Best for You? | LendingHome

You could buy a house in the suburbs with a garage, a backyard, and maybe even a white picket fence thrown in. Or you co...

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TRACY ELSEN 25 August 2017

Home Inspection Guide: Real Estate Investing | LendingHome

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TRACY ELSEN 25 August 2017

Benefits of Home Equity: Real Estate Investing | LendingHome

When you buy a home, it’s not just a place to settle down. It’s also an investment—one that you happen to live in. So wh...

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TRACY ELSEN 24 August 2017

The First Step to Buying a House | LendingHome

When you’re thinking about becoming a homeowner, there are plenty of fun things to do. You can browse through listings, ...

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TRACY ELSEN 23 August 2017

2 Changes that Make Getting a Mortgage Easier | LendingHome

Two big changes from major players in the United States real estate market just made it easier for millions of Americans...

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TRACY ELSEN 01 August 2017

6 Top Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent | LendingHome Blog

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can make, and you’ll do it only a few times in your life. So having ...

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TRACY ELSEN 24 July 2017

How House Fix and Flips Help Millennials | LendingHome

The millennial generation has started to hit the age of 30. With this milestone has come a transition into the tradition...

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TRACY ELSEN 27 June 2017

Why Title Insurance is Crucial in Home Buying | LendingHome

What Title Search and Title Insurance Means In many ways, shopping for your first home is a lot like finding a petsitter...

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TRACY ELSEN 05 April 2017

How to Make the Most of Your Home Inspection | LendingHome

You’ve searched and searched, and you’ve finally found it: your future home. It’s perfect — at least as far as you can t...

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TRACY ELSEN 13 March 2017

Tax Information for LendingHome Investors | LendingHome Blog

What tax documents should I expect to receive from LendingHome?

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TRACY ELSEN 29 January 2017

How Mortgage Pre-Approval Leads to Real Estate Love | LendingHome Blog

You have a blind date tonight, and it’s all you can think about. Let’s face it: You’re single, but not desperate. You’re...

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TRACY ELSEN 20 December 2016