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Flips on TV vs. Reality: Flipping Houses 101


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Sibei Mi 30 July 2021

Finding Contractors: Real Estate Investing

We walk you through whether you need a GC, how to find a GC, picking the right one, and managing them effectively.

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Sibei Mi 14 July 2021

What is a Scope of Work: Flipping Houses 101

A key part of a house flipping business plan is the Scope of Work (SOW). A Scope of Work is a detailed outline of all of...

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Sibei Mi 14 July 2021

How to Flip a House in 8 Steps: Flipping Houses 101

About the author: G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor and co-founder of, where he provides free pas...

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Sibei Mi 01 July 2021

House Buying Factors Other than Interest Rate

We walk you through several factors to consider other than interest rate when deciding if you’re ready to buy a house.

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Sibei Mi 08 May 2020

8 Tips on Selling Homes: Real Estate Investing

You’ve found, bought, and successfully renovated a property. What now? Let’s walk through 8 tips on how to sell your fix...

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Sibei Mi 06 November 2018

Top 6 Beginner Mistakes: Flipping Houses 101

There is plenty that could go wrong here for inexperienced or new house flippers. Start off on the right foot by avoidin...

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Sibei Mi 09 October 2018

7 Things to Consider When Property Investing

While it can be extremely rewarding, buying an investment property is no small undertaking when starting out in real est...

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Sibei Mi 26 September 2018

How to Write a House Flipping Business Plan

House flipping is serious business.

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Sibei Mi 02 July 2018

House Flipping Terminology: House Flipping 101

When you decide to start flipping houses, there are a lot of words and terms that you will need to learn. As you look at...

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Sibei Mi 04 August 2017

Find, Fix and Sell Houses: Flipping Houses 101

In our previous article, we introduced finding property and funding your project. Now it’s time to look at the rehab and...

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Sibei Mi 18 May 2017

5 Things Fix and Flip Shows Don't Tell You


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Sibei Mi 10 April 2017