Get to Know LendingHome

Who is LendingHome?

LendingHome a mortgage lender that is reimagining the mortgage process from the ground up by combining innovative technology with an experienced team. We’ve originated more than $2.4 billion in mortgages since we began lending in 2013. Our goal is to create a seamless, transparent mortgage process for homebuyers and their real estate agents.

Where are LendingHome’s mortgages available?

Currently, we offer consumer mortgages in AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, MN, NC, NV, OR, PA, SC, TX (purchases only), UT, and WA. We’ll be expanding to more states soon!

What makes you different from other lenders?

Our process is transparent, reliable, and completely online. We make it easy for your clients who expect a seamless online experience in everything they do to get a mortgage. They can go through the entire process without having to speak with someone. Of course, if they have questions or need some help along the way, our experienced mortgage advisors are easy to contact via phone, email, or text.

What is the Loan Tracker?

LendingHome’s Loan Tracker is a tool for real estate agents that lets you see your client’s progress through the mortgage process at any point. Homebuyers are able to share the Loan Tracker with agents at the click of a button. Agents can log in at any time to see what step of the mortgage process their clients are at and what comes next.

What information can I see with the Loan Tracker?

You’ll be able to see your client’s mortgage timeline, which tracks their journey from loan application through to closing. You’ll also be able to see what steps they need to complete and what documents they need to submit. You won’t have access to any personal information like social security numbers or bank account information.

How do I access my client’s Loan Tracker?

Your clients will be able to share their Loan Tracker with you as soon as they begin their mortgage application with LendingHome. As soon as they agree to share, you’ll receive a link to their tracker.

Can I still call LendingHome for updates on my client’s mortgage?

Absolutely! Our mortgage specialists are available by phone or text if you want to ask them about the progress of your client’s application.

How do I get the $500 closing credit for my clients?

First, register as a LendingHome Preferred Agent. Then you’ll get access to a LendingHome dashboard with a referral widget you can use to refer your clients to LendingHome. They will receive a special link to enter our application and will have the credit automatically applied to their closing costs.

What do I need to do to register as a Preferred Agent?

It’s easy! Head over to our Preferred Agent sign-up page and provide us with some basic contact information for yourself. Then you’ll be set up with an agent dashboard.

How and when does the closing credit get applied?

The closing credit will show up in your client’s Loan Estimate, which they’ll receive once they’ve submitted a mortgage application with us.

Is there a limit on how many of my clients can receive the credit?

There’s no limit! You can send as many clients as you want our way. If they submit a loan, they’ll get the $500 closing credit.

How do I refer clients to LendingHome?

Once you’ve registered as a Preferred Agent, you’ll get a personalized dashboard with a referral widget. You’ll let us know via the widget who you want to refer to LendingHome, and they’ll get a link from us.